Our Process

100% made in the U.S.A.

We're proud to make all our products right here in the good old USA. That's right, from our Chicken Littles to our Cod Skins to our Classic Biscuits, we make it all right in our own backyard of Boston. The city of Tea Parties and Patriots. It's important for us to be able to handle all aspects of production: we source it, we mix it, we bake it, we pack it, and we ship it. No co-packers here, no passing the buck. We make it all from scratch and we stand behind every product we make, to guarantee you and your pet's unconditional satisfaction.

locally-sourced ingredients

At Polkadog, we hand pick all of our supplier partners. Whether it's peanut butter or chicken from our friends right down the street, or our fish and flour, we keep all aspects of ingredient sourcing as close to our kitchen in South Boston as we can. In addition to supporting our local farmers and fishermen and women, because we focus our energy on doing business with local vendors, we reduce our need to ship raw materials from all over the world, and can maintain a close relationship with all our partners to ensure we are always making Polkadog treats with the freshest, highest quality ingredients available.

small batch, handmade

We start every morning with a simple goal to make the very best dog and cat treats on the planet. We're not the biggest goldfish in the bowl and we don't want to be. We focus instead on quality and freshness, creating and delivering the finest products for you and your pet. Each and every single treat that comes out of our Boston kitchen is made from scratch in small batches and packed by hand. It's that attention to detail and hands-on manufacturing that allows us to offer the unique array of nutritious products that carry the Polkadog brand.

giving back to the community

Neighborhood and community have always been central to what we stand for here at Polkadog. After all, what good is a business that doesn't give back and support those that support it? We started out as a neighborhood shop and that's where our heart is, in the neighborhoods and communities we serve. In addition to several local and regional animal-related rescue organizations, we work with charities of all kinds across all walks from Boston to Los Angeles to Switzerland to help promote a sense of community and giving back in everything we do.