Polkadog Pup of the Month

The Pup of the Month program is an initiative that means so much to us. By partnering with a different animal rescue each month to highlight an adoptable dog, covering the adoption fee and supplying you with pet essentials from some our favorite brands, our goal is to spread awareness and make adopting animals easier. Because if we can help even just one animal find a loving home, it's all worth it.⁠

If the featured Pup of the Month gets adopted, not only will Polkadog cover the adoption fee, but you’ll be going home with a big bundle of pet essentials from our partner brands!

A huge thank you to our partner brands for making all of this possible!

September's Pup of the Month is Joker from Worcester Animal Rescue League!

To learn more about Joker, email dogs@worcesterarl.org or fill out an application to meet him HERE!

October's Pup of the Month is Lexi from Great Dog Rescue New England!

To learn more about Lexi, click HERE! To fill out an application for Lexi, click HERE!

November's Pup of the Month is Caillou from Rescue City!

To learn more about Caillou, click HERE! To fill out an application for Caillou, click HERE!

#ADOPTED! December's Pup of the Month is Buddy Cute from Save One Soul Animal Rescue League!

Our pal Buddy Cute got adopted! Have a wonderful life, Buddy! 

#ADOPTED! January's Pup of the Month is Mura from Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue!

#ADOPTED! February's Pup of the Month is Kingston from Scituate Animal Shelter!

#ADOPTED! March's Pup of the Month is Kallie from Shultz's Guest House!


#ADOPTED! April's Pup of the Month is Tipper from Paws New England!


#ADOPTED! May's Pup of the Month is Orca from Animal Lifehouse Rescue!