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Chicken & Apple Fruit Roll Ups

Dog Treats

IMS Cadet Treats Fruit Roll Up - Chicken And Apple

Chicken & Apple Fruit Roll Ups

Dog Treats

Cadet Gourmet Chicken & Apple Wraps Dog Treats let you pamper your pooch with a unique low-fat treat bursting with flavor. These snacks are made with real chicken jerky wrapped around a dried piece of apple for a healthy and sweet natural flavor your dog will love.

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  • • Reward your pup with a unique naturally low-fat treat that’s bursting with flavor.
  • • Made with real chicken jerky wrapped around a dried piece of apple for a sweet and natural flavor.
  • • These healthy treats make a great reward for your good boy.
  • • Inspected and tested to the highest standards for a treat you can trust.
  • • Made without any artificial colors or flavors—just wholesome ingredients.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Natch Greyes
    Love 'em

    My dog loves chicken. He probably doesn't care that much about the apple, but the chicken is his favorite.

    Yujie Lyu
    My dog’s favorite treat!

    I have a 5 year old Malthese, I started to purchase at Polkadog 2 years ago and I love it! No matter how many different kinds of treats my dog has been tried, the chicken&apple roll is always his best friend! The roll is made well, soft and clean! Really recommended.

    Debbie Ballew
    Fruit Roll Ups

    My sweet Bella loves the Fruit Roll Ups! She will sit by the pantry door waiting to get her delicious treat. We have tried the Sweet Potato and the Apple and she loves both. I feel these are a healthy choice for her daily treats.

    Puppy approved

    My pup loves these. It is a bonus that they take him a few minutes to chew.

    Roseann Carbone
    My Lola Loves These!

    My dog Lola goes absolutely crazy when she sees me head to the area of the pantry where I keep her treats. She get's so animated and excited it makes my day! She loves these!