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Roll Ups - Duck 'n Sweet Potato

Dog Treats

Pet N' Shape Treats 8oz Fruit Roll Up - Sweet Potato Wrapped in Duck

Roll Ups - Duck 'n Sweet Potato

Dog Treats

These all-natural grain-free treats for dogs feature savory duck breast wrapped around a bite-sized piece of sweet potato without any wheat, corn or soy ingredients.

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  • • Sourced and Made in the USA. All-natural grain-free duck treats for dogs.
  • • Crafted to be high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • • Packed in a convenient resealable package to help lock in flavors.
  • • Made using 100% natural duck breast filets that are U.S. lab tested for safety.
  • • Feature savory duck breast wrapped around a bite-sized piece of sweet potato.
  • • 16OZ: Save $1.00
  • • 32OZ: Save $4.00
  • • 64OZ: Save $12.00
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Cathy Vincuilla

    My dogs love them….

    Buy it

    Chewy and lasts a long time. One of my girl’s favorite treats!! If your dog is a big chewer (doesn’t swallow big pieces whole) then this is perfect - she takes about 5-7 min to eat it

    Tracey Poston
    Roll Ups - Duck 'n Sweet

    I can’t order these enough. Hand’s down Oliver’s favorite treats from Polkadog!

    john smith
    the best treats around

    my dog loves these. i buy her a bunch of stuff every month from polka these are by far her fav and very hard to come by these days

    Sam W
    My dog FLIPS for these

    I didn't realize how big the bag was when I ordered it...but it's a good thing there were so many in there because my dog LOVES them! And I love knowing there are only two ingredients. Will definitely purchase these again.