Good for your Pet & Good for the Planet!

Happy World Oceans Day! Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with us. The best part? You can never be late to the party. At Polkadog, we celebrate all year round! 

We love working with our neighbors at the Boston Fish Pier, as well as other local fish processors, to make your pets’ favorite treat. For many pups (and cats too), that’s our Cod Skins, which are hand-rolled daily and slowly dehydrated to give them that perfect crunch! 

Why is it so important to us? Of course, we do it because we’re dog lovers and believe that pets deserve delicious, high-quality treats; but it’s something much larger than that (almost as large as our planet - about 71% of it!) 

Sustainability means the world to us, and as New Englanders, we care deeply about preserving our ocean. Hence why we love handmaking these eco-friendly treats at our Boston Fish Pier kitchen – we love your pup, and we love the planet!

So what makes Polkadog’s seafood treats ocean-friendly?


One fish processor’s trash is another [dog’s] treat!

ICYMI, we are the original makers of a fur favorite, the Cod Skins. They are what really put us on the map. I guess you can say we have Cod to thank! 

When fish processors prep fillets for restaurants and fish markets, they’ll usually discard the skins — that’s where we come in! We take the unused skins and handroll and slowly dehydrate them to transform them into delicious and healthy treats, reducing unnecessary waste in our supply chain. A sustainable co-product you can crunch on!


Wag your tail – It’s Wild-Caught 

Wild-caught fish have one of the lowest carbon footprints compared to other sources of protein. Because wild-caught fish feed and grow on their own and don’t use up freshwater resources, their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is minimal. Of course, it’s also important to consider the environmental impact of boat fuel from commercial fishing. Fortunately, you don’t have to go too far offshore to harvest many of the seafood proteins that you’ll find in our Polkadog treats! So tell your pup not to worry….Whether they’re enjoying a Cod Skin, Salmon Chip, Clam Chowda, or Salmon Says (just to name a few!) they’re eating some of the most ocean-friendly treats on the planet. Be’re raising responsible snackers! 


A cod and a haddock walk into a watering hole. "Let’s go somewhere else – look at these long lines!”

Partnering with likeminded fisherman that value and practice sustainability is important to us. We source our Cod, Haddock, and Salmon from MSC certified fish suppliers who use a commercial fishing technique known as longline fishing (aka "hook and line"). These lines can extend for several miles, with numerous baited hooks branching off from the main line to target sustainable species, while avoiding overfished ones. Plus, they do not disrupt the ocean floor. 


Invasion of the Green Monstah!

Green crab (otherwise known by your dog as Green Monstah) is one of the most invasive species in the marine environment. They outcompete local species for food and habitat, leaving negative impacts on our ecosystem, biodiversity, and the economy. 

Many would agree it’s a recipe for disaster. At Polkadog, we see it as a recipe for your pup’s new favorite treat! Just add some brown rice, potato flour, and kelp, and you’ve got yourself a crunchy delight packed with omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and other minerals, just waiting to be cracked open and poured into your snack jar! 

In our commitment to lessening our environmental impact, Polkadog donates 1% of Green Monstah sales to the Surfrider Foundation.  


Kelp is on the Way!

Regenerative ocean farming is a climate-friendly way to grow sea veggies that restore ecosystems by reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide and increasing biodiversity. It also creates jobs for coastal communities. For many Maine Lobstermen, kelp farming is a way to supplement their income during the lobster offseason.

Our kelp partners, Atlantic Sea Farms in Maine, supply us with New England’s finest kelp to create our Green Monstah treats.


So invite your dog to the party, and treat them to our ocean-friendly assortment of delights.