Social distancing is upon us and although we may feel far apart from our friends family coworkers find ourselves closer than ever to the pets love. so with that silver lining in mind here are a few ways make most of your time at home dog or cat.

Bake a Healthy & Delicious Treat


Even if you’re not a Top Dog in the kitchen, there’s no better time to start baking than right now. (Fake it till you bake it, right?) Our recipe for Wheat-Free Gingerbread Dog Biscuits was recently featured in Food Network Magazine. It’s simple, nutritious, and most importantly, it will save you a trip out the store. So preheat that oven and give it a try — we think your pup will gladly kiss the cook afterwards.

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Learn a New Trick or Command


It’s no secret that dog training requires time and a whole lot of patience. We’re guessing you have some free time on your hands, so you’re already halfway there! So while you’re stuck indoors, why not work on a fun new trick? Make sure you have treats ready to quickly reward your dog for good behavior, because positive reinforcement is key. Our Wonder Nuggets are sized perfectly for just that!

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Dance your Tails Off


It doesn’t matter if you have two legs or four… sometimes you just need to bust a move! And as we spend more and more time on the couch these days, it’s important to remember to get up and be active. So turn off the TV, turn up the tunes, and transform your living room into a doggy dance floor. Spotify will even customize a playlist for you and your furry friend using their pup-rietary technology.

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Say Hi to Furrends with Video Chat


Social distancing for you also means social distancing for your pup. With less trips to the park, your dog is likely missing out on valuable playtime and socialization with furry friends. Luckily, video chatting services like Skype and Zoom make it easy to keep in touch. So call up your fellow pet parents and schedule a virtual Yappy Hour — we promise it will be more fun than your work conference calls!

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Cozy Up and Watch a Movie


Theaters might be closed, but a movie night at home can be just as fun. From AirBud to Marley & Me, there are plenty of dog-friendly films the whole family can enjoy. And don’t forget about concessions! While you reach for the popcorn and candy, make sure you treat your pup to something special too. Our Soft & Chewy nuggets are the perfect for snacking… and they won’t crunch too much during the movie.

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Paint with your Pup


Sure, you have some beautiful prints on your walls — but you’re missing the most important print of all! During quarantine, channel your inner artist and throw a painting party for you and your pup. You only need a paw and some non-toxic paint to create a one-of-kind masterpiece that will live forever in your home. Who knows… you might discover the next pup-casso.

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Create a Cardboard Fort for your Cat


We’ve all been getting more deliveries these days, but think twice before you throw out those cardboard boxes. Cats love cozy, confined spaces, and boxes are an easy way to keep them entertained for hours. Simply open the box, lay it on the ground, and let their curiosity do the rest. If you’re feeling adventurous, try creating a network of boxes and tunnels and add to it over time!

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Pamper your Pup with a Spa Day


Bath time doesn’t have to be a bore. With a few simple steps, you can elevate your wash routine and give your pup the ultimate spa treatment. And while you’ll be able to capture priceless Instagram content, spa day is more than just a cute photo opportunity. The relaxing ambiance will put anxious dogs at ease and help maintain cleanliness during quarantine, since you won’t be able to visit your local groomer.

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Embark on a Scented Scavenger Hunt


Dogs are extremely food-motivated and have an acute sense of smell — the perfect skill set for scavenger hunting. To start, map out a tasty adventure by hiding little bits of treats throughout your home. Our Cods Skins have an irresistible scent and are perfect for activities like this. Challenge your pup to find every piece until they ultimately discover a ‘grand prize’ like a toy or a chew. Happy hunting!

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Make a DIY Game for your Dog


Games and puzzles are great ways for humans to pass the time at home, but what about our pets? This hilarious DIY version of Whack-a-Mole keeps dogs entertained with nothing more than a cardboard box and a hot dog. Trust us, it will provide lots of laughs and tail wags for everyone involved. We suggest substituting the hot dog for one of our Dehydrated Jerky Treats to make the game a bit more nutritious.

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Trade Push-Ups for Pup-Ups

Everyone’s doing the #PushUpChallenge on Instagram, but we’re ready for a change of pace. Introducing the #PupUpChallenge. Baltimore Orioles pitcher Branden Kline and his adorable dog, Zoey, are proving that you can stay in shape at home and have a blast doing it. Sorry CrossFit, Pilates, and barre… the future of fitness is clearly covered in fur (just don’t try this with a Great Dane).

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Check back soon for more Polkadog at Home tips!