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Beef - Filled Hoof


Red Barn Pet Products Chews Beef Filled Hoof

Beef - Filled Hoof


Redbarn's Filled Cow Hooves are an irresistible, highly palatable treat your dog will absolutely love! These natural cow hooves are cleaned, trimmed and stuffed with a tasty beef filling.

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  • • Safe, natural and delicious treat full of amazing flavor
  • • Two-part treat, still an all-natural bone to chew on after the filling is all gone
  • • Promotes dental health, hard exterior helps clean teeth as pet chews
  • • Long lasting, irresistible chew that will help reduce boredom and stress
  • Each hoof measures about 4"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Lauren L
    Boxer Keeps Going Back

    My dog finished out the inside filling of this treat in 2 sittings. Probably would have finished it all in one sitting if we hadn't taken it away from her. Now that the filling is done we have let her keep it and still find her chewing on the hoof from time to time. We are going to experiment filling it with peanut butter and freezing. Overall the treat kept her entertained and was not messy.

    Dog Loves it, but doesn't sit well with his stomach

    My dog loves this treat. We have bought it 3x for him and it seems to bother his stomach. We weren't sure if it was this, but after the third time, it seems clear that it's related. Everytime we have given this to him, he will throw up that night. Will stick to other treats for him for now.

    Emily H.
    Happy Pup!!

    These are my puppy's favorite. I've been giving them to him since he was 4 months old and never had any issues - definitely puppy safe. The beef filling keeps him busy and then once it's empty he loves to chew on the hoof for a while for his teething. I limit him to 3 per week and he always gets so excited to see me pull one out of the closet! Highly recommend, and will be buying more.