Looking for Diabetic Dog Treats? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Polkadog, we know that your pup’s health is incredibly important. And if your furry friend is Type I or Type II diabetic, ensuring that you have treats for them that are both delicious and nutritious is top of mind.

Fortunately, we’re able to provide a wide array of treats for dogs with diabetes to ensure that your best friend stays happy and healthy! Let’s take a look at some of our options!

Premium Treats for Dogs with Diabetes

Our diabetic dog treats include the following varieties:

  • Alaskan Cod Chips – These treats are made from 100% wild-caught Alaskan cod and are grain free, gluten free, and hypo-allergenic. Being one of our numerous treat options that is made totally of meat, this treat is ideal for diabetic dogs who need to maintain a protein-rich diet. Plus, your pup will love their light and crunchy texture!
  • Pasture-Raised, New England-Farmed Walden Meat Jerky – Another great selection for dogs who are diabetic, these jerky treats are locally sourced, sustainable, single ingredient, grain free, and healthy. Choose from pork kidney, pork liver, lamb liver, chicken liver, chicken heart, and beef liver to give your pupper the taste they’ll like best.
  • Cod Skin Treats – As another single-ingredient dog treat ideal for diabetic dogs, our cod skins will give your furry friend the essential energy they need. We use cod that is caught in season by local fishermen in Alaska then hand-roll and dehydrate the skins to make healthy and savory treats rich in protein.
  • Haddock Skin Treats – Yet another single-ingredient treat that is rich in protein and lacking in grains (which can cause trouble for diabetic dogs) is our haddock skin option. Choose these treats for dogs with diabetes today!
  • Chicken Strip Jerky Treats – Give these treats a try for your diabetic dog and you’re likely to not be disappointed. Made of 100% USA chicken breasts and high in protein, these treats are both meaty and crunchy.
  • Alaskan Salmon Chips – Like our Alaskan cod chips, these treats come from wild-caught fish and are grain free, gluten free, hypo-allergenic, and rich in omega fatty acids. With their protein and fat mix, these diabetic dog treats are one of many perfect choices for your pup!
  • Lucky Duck Bone-Shaped Dried Liver Treats – Full of locally sourced duck liver, these savory treats are grain free, high in protein, low in fat, and formed into cute, crunchy bones.
  • Lucky Duck Training Bits Dried Liver Treats – These smaller duck liver treats are ideal for training or for when you’re on the go with your best friend and want some snacks on hand. Best yet, they’re grain-free.

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