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Cod Skins a Twisty Tasty Dog Treat!

This Just In: Polka Dog Bakery Dehydrated Cod Skins are – Irresistible, Locally Caught, Loved by Cats and Dogs Alike, Packed full of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Great Alternative Treat for Dogs with Allergies to Chicken Beef or Lamb Proteins.

Sody and Cod Skins Dog Treats

I love these Polka Dog Bakery Cod Skins!

Our customers are always asking how we come up with our products, why that flavor? or where did the name come from ? and it’s been no exception with our Cod Skins Dog Treats.  They may look a bit funny, all long and twisty but they have been a big hit, so here is the story:

A few years back we were thinking about what new products we could add and since we are from Boston, a famous fishing region, it had to be something seafood flavored.  We thought maybe lobster flavored but then we also thought a lobster might make a better chew toy, also a future option! In the end we settled on the iconic Cod.

We began by sourcing the Cod skins from local fishermen, who used to just throw them away when processing the fish and we started dehydrating them at the Polka Dog Factory and hand twisting them into unique shapes.  Yes, we hand twist them, a true labor of love!

Next we had to try them out, besides Sody, would other dogs like them? One of the really cool things about having a couple of retail stores and wholesaling our own product is that we can test our treats on our own customers first. What we found is that both dogs and cats really dig the skins. Also, while some people say dogs will eat anything, years of experience have proven there are plenty of finicky dogs out there but not so with these cod skins.  Once again Sody’s refined palette lead the way in testing and was confirmed by dogs everywhere.

With official market testing done, we can now confirm that the Polka Dog Bakery Cod Skins are here to stay and are available in our stores, online at and through many of our great retailers across the country.


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  3. [...] Cod Skins a Twisty Tasty Dog Treat! [...]

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